Soul’s Body: A Journey of Healing through Conscious Movement Practices

In this short excerpt, Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst, and Dance Therapist discusses the potent role of movement in the process of healing and transformation.

This interview is part of a virtual summit hosted by Dr. Erica Goodstone. View the full Somatic Summit here.


Moving Towards Health: The Healing Power of Authentic Movement 

This short clip contains excerpts from a documentary film on the healing potential of Authentic Movement in working with women recovering from breast cancer. Featuring reflections by Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., it includes footage of research participants exploring natural movement and speaking about their experience.

Original documentary: “Moving Toward Health” by Sandy Dibbell-Hope, Ph.D. For further information or to order a copy contact Sandy at sandydh@sonic.net


Tina Stromsted on “Marion Woodman & the Embodied Soul”

This video contains excerpts form Tina Stromsted’s presentation on “Marion Woodman & the Embodied Soul” at the Imagination & Medicine IV: Soul & Body in Nature conference, May 19th, 2014 at Pacifica University in Santa Barbara, California.

In this clip, Dr. Stromsted discusses Marion Woodman and the wounded healer, spirit in nature, the unholy trinity, body/psyche/soul split, and integrative healing.


Mysterium- A Poetic Prayer: Testimonials on Body/Spirit Coniunctio

This brief trailer provides a glimpse into Mysterium, by Antonella Adorisio, a rich documentary bridging polarities and communicates in a way that links matter and spirit, thoughts and emotions, images and reflections. Testimonials on spirituality and the body/spirit coniunctio from 12 Jungian analysts from Italy, U.S.A., Venezuela, and India are joined with images from around the world, unfolding a poetic prayer that reflects the language of the soul.

To order a copy of the full length DVD, click here