Workshop Bundle

3 Webinar Recordings:
   – Soul’s Body: Healing the Body/Psyche/Soul Split through Conscious Embodiment
   – Embodied Alchemy: Authentic Movement & the Somatic Unconscious
   – Alchemy: Body & Soul in Transition
Lifetime Access $165
3.5 CEUs for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, BC-DMTs, R-DMTs, and RSME/Ts

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These workshops will be delivered as a video recording. Internet access is required to view the recordings.

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Bundle Includes:

Soul’s Body: Healing the Body/Psyche/Soul Split through Conscious Embodiment (90 min): The Body/Psyche/Soul split is the result of wounding experiences such as abuse, neglect, or a lack of cherishing and witnessing, where one loses a sense of well-being in the body/psyche. This 90-minute workshop explores the Body/Psyche/Soul split, how it manifests somatically, and how to use conscious embodiment for healing.

Embodied Alchemy: Authentic Movement & the Somatic Unconscious (70 min): Alchemy presents an ancient, cross-cultural map of the transformative process.  It integrates embodied and spiritual elements, brings awareness to what we least value, and works with unwanted material to generate new life. This 70-minute workshop explores the different stages and operations of the Alchemical process and how they relate to healing and development

Alchemy: Body & Soul in Transition (60 min): Alchemy is most often understood as a primitive scientific attempt to create elemental gold, yet alchemy also sought the ‘inner gold’. So too, modern psychotherapy has the capacity to transform prima materia, the unwanted material of everyday life, into something meaningful, thus helping us find the ‘gold’ in the shadow. Through images from a painter’s journey, this 60-minute workshop follows the alchemical process from life’s earliest beginnings, through the stages of growth, death, dismemberment, despair and new life.

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“Listened to the presentation from start to finish. Beautifully done, clear intelligence….like sparkling crystal clear water.. Very thoughtful, sourced across many decades. Voice tone gentle, created a sense of calm and safety. Creative content. One more closing word. Soulful.”

“Beautiful presentation. Clear definitions of deep topics. And enough amplification for those who wanted more. Gorgeous graphics. Well done!”

“Thank you so much for your generous sharing!! I watched the webinar program – it is soooo well done.  It is well organized, clearly articulated, and instructive.”